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Benfield Nissan Leaf

Exclusive Nissan Leaf dealer for the North East

The 100% electric Nissan LEAF

Energy-saving design

Nissan LEAF's ultra-aerodynamic design helps reduce both energy consumption and wind noise.

Car with a conscience

As easy on the planet as it is to drive, Nissan LEAF is made with a class-leading amount of recycled materials, and is more than 95% recyclable.

Empower yourself

Recharging Nissan LEAF is quick, clean and easy. You can choose a long or short charge, at home, at work or even out shopping.

Safe and sound

With the all-electric, no-compromise Nissan LEAF there's no fuel risk, and it also has six airbags, ABS and ESP.

It's all go

Nissan LEAF combines enhanced agility with better responsiveness than a conventional compact family car. It also packs a top speed of over 90mph and recharges every time you brake.

Well connected

Make life easier. With Nissan LEAF you can programme recharging, interior temperature and even your journey from your smartphone* or computer.

Fresh thinking

With no tailpipe and no emissions, the Nissan LEAF doesn't produce a single gramme of CO2 whilst driving.

Ergonomic and economic

Every element has been designed to be as user-friendly as it is innovative, from the steering wheel to the clever palm gear shift.

*Available with selected mobile phones.

Ultra-aerodynamic design saves energy and reduces wind noise Recharging is quick, clean and easy 90 mph top speed, recharging every time you brake Better responsiveness than a conventional compact family car No compromise on space